Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Group Assignment

Hello there,

In my Introduction to Marketing class at BCIT my group and I (the group included; Tamara, Erin, Evan and Mat. Throughout the year we have had to complete 4 group case studies, one of which was presented in front of Peter Mitchel and the class and the rest were written submissions. For our oral case we created a power point presentation that went along with our presentation.
Group Apple Power Point Link Please look at the link provided which will take you to the power point presentation. I hope you enjoy it!

Individual Assignment

Hello All!
For my Business Communications class we had to prepare an oral report assumption by a stand alone power point presentation. For this I decided to do my report on the marketing trends of the 2005/2006 NHL hockey season.
Individual NHL Power Point Link Please feel free to take a look at my power point because I feel it was well done.

Word Assignment


In BUSA 1600 at BCIT I learned how to use MS Word. We learned how to create a real life report with the intergration of many useful skills; such as indents, making links, embedding graphics and creating graphs.
Group Word Link
Please look at my Word assignment that I completed with Stephanie and Brad.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Power Point Group Assignment

If anyone is interested in learning how to use MS Power Point you should take a look at the Power Point myself, Brad and Steph made in BUSA 1600.
Group Canucks Power Point Link After completing this assignment I knew how to create an attractive and appealing stand alone power point presentation. This included; advanced special effects, sound and graphics. Take a look!

Excel Group Assignment

Hello Everyone!
Just letting you know a little bit about some of the assignments I have accomplished in my BUSA 1600 class at BCIT. I have created an Excel worksheet with my group; which included Jeff and Linda.
Excel Link Throughout this project we used Excel to create a decision making business model, make an agreement of graphs and charts and how to use external data.

Sunday, November 27, 2005